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About  Us

I started out in White Swiss Shepherd Dogs in 2010 with the arrival of my first import "Kesari", who alongside of our other import "Echo", is the foundation of our Saffioraire bloodlines. 

These days our small family resides in a country town along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, and our dogs are an integral part of our daily lives. Our dogs make up who we are as people and the lifestyle we choose to enjoy. Showing and breeding White Swiss Shepherd Dogs has become a hobby and a passion, however our dogs are always first and foremost part of our family. 

To date we have imported 5 White Swiss Shepherd Dogs from across Europe, as well as frozen semen, to expand our bloodlines for the future. We are always looking for the best possible way forward, in conformation, temperament, health and pedigree and always choose what we believe is best over what is easy. 

We enjoy seeing the pups who leave our home go on to make beautiful family companions in the lives of others, and to see them bring so much joy, loyalty and and laughter to those they come across. 

Whilst we breed for ourselves and our future generations, we heartily acknowledge that most dogs we breed leave our home and go on to live in the families of others, and as such we place a large emphasis on producing well rounded, stable and adaptable dogs who can lead long, rewarding and full lives wherever they go. 

Given that our foundation lines are unique to Saffioraire and have seldom been bred from outside of our own matings, our dogs possess a striking look that is distinctly our own. We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do!

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